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Pregnant Persian Cat

Petango Pet Rescue

Pregnant Persian CatHaving your pregnant persian cat is fun, especially looking forward to the new arrivals. But, you may have concerns about the cat's behavior during this time or her safety or even what type of food to feed her for her health. Most cats can take care of themselves during their pregnancies and birth, but sometimes they do need assistance. Any cat can have kittens but to optimize the mother and babies health there are certain steps that need to be taken into consideration. Such as diet, dietary supplements, bedding and supplies. Regular visits to your local Vet are a must to divert problems that sometimes come up in a pregnancy. That is also a good idea to get your cat familiar with your Vet and him with her. It's a good idea if you plan to breed your cat, be prepared with this E-book and your Veterinarian's phone number. So, Check-out this E-book pet link for answer to your questions about your cat and even the kittens.

Here’s a listing of often called for inquiries just about gestation and felines:

1. Is it accurate that felines are in estrus in late springtime and around summer solstice solely?

2. Does a female monarch shed blood when she is in estrus, like canine does?

3. How may you tell whenever a feline is pregnant?

4. How long does gestation in felines last?

5. May a cat have more than one male parent per litter?

6. How mature does a feline have to be prior to getting pregnant?

7. How soon after birthing may a feline get pregnant once again?

8. My pregnant feline has worms. What ought I to do?

9. Will my male feline assault the kittens when my pregnant female has birthed?

10. Is there some primary food for pregnant felines and kittens?

And a lot more, find out more by clicking on the link below. 

Cat Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook, Fully Revised and Updated

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