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Chesapeake Bay Retriever

American Kennel Club's Chesapeake Bay Retriever

ChesapeakeThe Chesapeake Bay Retriever of the Sporting Group is one special breed that seems to be designed for water and the colder the better. A medium to large canine, with a double fur coat that produces lanolin oil, just like sheep, which repels water after the dog shakes as it leaves the water. The Chessie has webbed feet to help it swim faster and maneuver through water currents. It is said that these dogs, if used for hunting, are lost more to ice than old age. They come in three different colors brown, sedge and dead-grass. The Chessie has a blocky head and a massive chest which helps him break up the ice as he is retrieving downed waterfowl. Chessies will bare their teeth when happy, he is not being aggressive, he‘s just enjoying what he is doing! Chessies have happy dispositions and are very intelligent, sometimes too much for their own good. My husband told me a story he read about a Chessie canine in his hunting magazine. The reporter accompanied a hunter with his Chessie canine. The dog was retrieving waterfowl right and left across a river. The hunter shot one that landed on the opposite bank. The hunter gave the dog the direction that the waterfowl had fallen; the dog just stared at him. The reporter stated that there proceeded to be a fight between a man and a dog. The hunter picked up the dog and placed him in the seated position, pointed at the bird again. The dog immediately swam the river and retrieved the bird. The hunter turned to the reporter and stated “these Chessies are great retrievers, but sometimes you have to show them who’s in charge!” We had a Chessie, her AKC registered name was Sues Chessie Demitasse‘, we just called her ‘Chessie Bear‘. She was a wonderful dog and very birdie. Any time she was around water she was in it. There was only one problem, she turned out to be ‘gun shy‘, which broke my husband’s heart. She still pulled her weight around the farm and gave the UPS man ‘fits‘.

CBR Relief & Rescue

The Dog Training Package


Most canines including Chesapeake are schooled employing backwards methods. Methods that are both brutal and undignified for the canine and ruins the kinship between owner and pet. No wonder so many creatures finish up at animal shelters…

The most immoral portion was that numerous pet owners really considered these dreadful schooling techniques were the ‘correct’ thing to do. Paid canine trainers had assured them so!

I found this really troubling and it became my aspiration and passion to do something to block it.

I resolved to produce the most herculean, cruelty free canine training system of rules on the globe.

I drafted the aid of a skilled veterinary technician, a master canine trainer, a well known professional stock breeder, a best-selling show dog trainer, a pro animal activist and writer, an animal recoverer and a few passionate pet owners. They state, “Two heads are more beneficial than one,” so I selected to have a dozen heads to make certain we had the finest!

Collectively we produced “The Dog Training Package” – a comfortable to follow answer for working out your canine's behavior troubles without harshness, shouting out, or ill-treatment.

If you've a headstrong canine causing you tension or embarrassment because of hostility, digging, biting, barking, chewing, jumping, house training, whining, running out the front entrance, separation anxiety, or drawing on the leash then…
“The Dog Training Package” settles every last one of your canine's conduct troubles rapidly and permanently…

Don Sullivan Perfect Dog Fast Results Dog Training Package, Small

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