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House Rabbits Society Rescues Them From Animal Shelters.

Chancer And LilacWe have had a variety of rabbits either on the farm or here at our home in Georgia. Raising rabbits on the farm was for fun and to sell as pets. My husband actually brought me home one from a farm auction, he was supposed to be for food (sorry, I hate the thought of this cause he was my pet). My husband told me, I was his last chance, so I named him "Chancer". He was white with grey ears, he was small and adorable.

My husband built a huge rabbit hutch with two housings one on each end and an open cage area in the middle, the housing had the lids. After a while, my husband brought home a dark black female, we named her "Lilac". It was the first time my 2 year old male had seen a female, he went crazy. He chased her in the barn and into the hay bales.

The first litter of  rabbits  we had, the count was 11 and the second litter of rabbits the count was even larger, 13 in all. The babies were black and white. We sold them for Easter Pets at $2.00 apiece, six months later we found one in the ditch at the end of our driveway. They kept coming back, why?

Bunny - Bunny - Topaz

Topaz BabyMy daughter owned a lop-eared pet bunny named "Topaz". He played with my kitten but not my daughter's own cat, Bastet. He had a sweet disposition. He even jumped-up on my daughter's lap and sat there while she was on her lap-top computer. When you own any animal, you have to keep the cage clean, the food filled, the water clear, and the litter box clean and keeping the pet safe from predators, like feral cats and other wild life. Plus, give them toys to play with; they enjoy rolling balls around and throwing handkerchiefs up in the air. 

How To Raise Rabbits - The Complete Beginners Guide For Rabbit Owners. 


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