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Pyrenean Shepherd

American Kennel Club's Pyrenean Shepherd

Pyrenean Shepherd

The Pyrenean Shepherd of the AKC’s Herding Group is native to the Pyrenees Mountains of Southern France and Northern Spain.



Description Of The Pyrenean Shepherd

Both rough coat and smooth coat breeds stand approximately 15 to 18 inches tall at the withers and weigh between 15 to 32 pounds. The smooth faced breed has short fine hair, whereas, the rough faced breed has long hair. The most common colors of the coats are shades of fawn, either with all without masks and overlays. Also a very common color is various shades of gray.

Wellness Worries

The Pyrenean Shepherd of the AKC’s Herding Group has some health problems including hip dysplasia and eye disorders. Nickname the Pyre, they can thrive in any amount of space given to them but do need stimulation, both mental and physical. These dogs have a life expectancy that easily goes over 15 years of age and are very active all the way to the end. As with all animals, do your research before you buy! Learn More About This Shepherd Of The Pyrenees Mountains Of Southern France!

Pyrenean Shepherd Rescue

Pyrenean Shepherd Training | Think Like a Dog ~ But Don't Eat Your Poop!: Here's EXACTLY How To TRAIN Your Pyrenean Shepherd (Volume 1)

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