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Nova Scotia

Duck Tolling Retriever

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Rescue

Nova Scotia The moment the slightest indication is given that retrieving is required, the agile Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever or "Toller", sets themselves up to spring into action with intense concentration and excitement. The heavily feathered tail is held high in constant motion while working, as most Retriever tails do. The breed is often mistaken for a small Golden Retriever but the Toller is a whole lot more active than a Golden. Tollers are generally hardy, but like other breeds have certain generic disorders. Their hereditary diseases are Addison’s disease - A rare disorder where the adrenal glands produce insufficient steroid hormones, Progressive Retinal Atrophy - This genetic disease is characterized by the bilateral degeneration of the retina and Hip dysphasia - An abnormal formation all the hip socket.

The Toller was not at any stage of its development influenced by breeding in any other country. The Toller is a “Truly Canadian Dog”. It was developed in Canada, by Canadians, and for Canadian duck and goose hunting conditions for their type of weather. As a breed, the Toller is nearly as old as the most other popular retriever breeds, such as the Labrador Retriever, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, and Golden Retriever. The Golden Retriever, for example, began its development only two years before the Toller. The Labrador Retriever began its development only a little earlier in the 1800s. The Toller was not as well known in the past, probably because of restrictive distribution practices of the original, and most of the subsequent breeders, who did not usually allow females retrievers to leave their kennels. The main breeders were avid duck hunters who did not want competition in the lakes or on the marshes where they were duck hunting. For more information about this active breed, check out this link by clicking here!

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