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NewfoundlandThe Newfoundland sometimes called “Newfs” is a large dog and considered a true workhorse. It originated in Terra Nova and their ancestors were bought over there by fishermen from the European Continent. It is also said that these dogs are descendents from the big black bear dogs introduced by the Vikings, which were used as pack animals and discovering new lands. They have unmistakable characteristics with the St. Bernard and the English Mastiff. They have short stout legs, massive heads, a very broad snout, a thick neck and very sturdy structure. Some of the males of this breed have been known to reach up to 200+ pounds, measure, from the nose to the tip the tail over 6 foot in length and stand 27 inches at the withers. The standard colors for this breed are black, brown, gray and white with black markings, the latter known as Landseer.

This breed is extremely large boned and has great muscle mass which gives them a superior strength. The American Kennel Club page reports this and goes on to say, they are used as working dogs to pull nets for the fisherman and to haul wood from the forest. They also did other types of heavy labor. This breed is prone to hip and elbow dysplasia, also calcium stones in the bladder and defects in their heart valves. All over, this breed of dog is legendary for being very docile, calm, and friendly and interacts well with children. To understand this breed you will need more information than is provided in this brief synopsis. If you are interested in knowing more about this gentle giant, check out this E-book below.


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