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Pet Cat AdoreMaking your pet cat adore you is easy when you know how. Everybody wants their pet cat to adore them and show affection towards them. It is pure love when your kitty rubs against you and is purring like mad, it heaven I tell you! To have your cat think you are the only thing in the room and not even the sight of the full food bowl tears them away from you, that what I call adoring. Now, what would that be worth to you? Learning how to have your cat love you back is a very special idea. The concept that our cats really can adore us back is a great feeling.

When we know how much we love them, we want that feeling to be mutual, don't we? Especially with our closest friends, our pets! All my pets are very special to me but my felines are at the top because they are so different. It is almost like they are from another world. They found a worm hole and bam, there here among us.

Does this sound like your feline?

Reserved ... He does not appear to worry about you. He merely needs you about while it is time to feed!

Belligerent ... Whenever you attempt to stroke her, she grumbles or snorts, or even attempts to bite you!

Uninterested ... He will not frolic around any longer. He merely sits about the household, leaving behind balls of fur on the sofa.

Distasteful ... She pees behind your seat, or in a nook you cannot get to!

Damaging ... He's ripped up your favored chair!

Untidy ... She bolts her food as if there is no tomorrow, and then hurls it up on the finest rug in the household - never in a room with tile!

Distasteful (once more) ... He bequeathed you a "gift" on your pillow!

Are you prepared to toss the half-size thankless wretch out the door?

Are you prepared to admit him to the animal shelter?

Did you all ready give him away?

You purchase him good food, decent playthings, a nifty bed, and he affords you the bum's bang in any case! Are you baffled, or what?

Is it time to battle back? Demonstrate to him who's the boss? Afford him what he merits?

What if I said to you, he merits an additional chance? 

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