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Make Your Husky Dog

Happy and Healthy

Siberian Husky Rescue Group


Husky Dog A Husky Dog easily adapts and is alert, but not aggressive dogs. But, they are poor watchdogs; they would be to cordial with an intruder, and have a very slight bark, not enough to scare off a person. Their bark is more often a shrilly howl (like a wolf) more than the bark. It is said that “the Chikchi people” love their dogs and encourage them to play with their children. These dogs, with proper care, can have a typical lifespan of 12 to 15 years of age. Genetically they are prone to seizures, infections in the eye (juvenile cataracts) and of course, the dreaded hip dysplasia. But it is not as prevalent as in other large breeds. Working Siberian Huskies, the ones used for sled dog racing, suffer from gastric diseases, bronchitis and ulcerations. Working dogs have longer legs than their show counterparts. She these dogs can even be used as pack animals to carry supplies while hiking.

Ice Queen

“The Siberian Husky: A Complete and Comprehensive Owners Guide” is a book written by professional trainers and breeders. It will answer many of your problems with your Husky dog, where many Huskies have problems as they grow older. It will help you stop the destructive nature of the Husky and describe the dog pack mentality.


Stop in your Husky from being the dreaded spoil, disobedient, destructive force that people claim they are.

You will rest peacefully at night without having to worry about loud annoying midnight Husky puppy screams, cries and howls.

Raise the most obedient Husky that would have all dog owners asking “How did you do it?”

Prevent your Husky from escaping.

Learn unconventional methods of raising Huskies that take advantage of their Wolf pack mentality.

Potty train your Husky so well healed practically flush.

Learn how to recognize disease and ailments early enough to save your Huskies life.

Learn the critical does and do nots of raising your Husky that most people ignore.

Grooming and shedding.

Eliminate your Huskies predatory drive.

Stop your Husky from biting.

Prevent your Husky from destroying your garden, house and yard.

Avoid tragic visits to the Vet - learn the foods that are fatal to your Husky.

Learn what your Husky needs in his diet and how to identify deficiencies.

How to train your Husky (sit, come, stay etc.).

Information on feeding (Hint: depending on age).

All this and much more (too much to list)…


What causes arthritis in the Husky dog and what you can do to prevent it.

Shedding and grooming.

Potty and crate training.

The critical does and do not’s of raising a Husky.

Plus extra bonus tips and secrets:

Earn your Huskies respect and more…


An overview of different breeds of dogs.

How to select a breeder.

Advantages all purebred versus mutt.

Advice on adopting a dog - puppy or adult.

How to housebreak your puppy.

Obedience training for your dog.

How to tell if your dog is overweight.

Establishing the proper diet for your dog.

Essentials for canine vaccinations.

Dog allergies.

All about heartworm in your Husky dog.

Dental care for your dog.

Fighting flea infestation.

Your questions on canine hip dysplasia answered.

Traveling with your dog.

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