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American Kennel Club's Komondor

 KomondorThe Komondor of the Working Group is one breed that is real true to its ancestry. This canine was reproduced particularly to defend animals, specifically sheep, and has been around since Ancient times. An independent thinker and a bit on the dominant side, Komondors requirement owners that are more in charge themselves, as the breed tends to attempt to control the pack. They are overly assertive to unusual dogs and reserved around complete strangers.

A Brief History Of The Komondor

The area of origin for the Komondor is Hungary. They were possibly about long before this duration, the initial known factual documents of the Komondor goes back to 1555. It is stated that the Huns delivered with them to Hungary a rather large Russian Owtcharka, which is the beginning bloodline of the breed.

These dogs look quite like the Magyar sheep which were called "Racka", because of their mass of curly wool putting up from the coat. This permitted the puppies to mingle in and out of a group of sheep without distributing the pack, and as a matter of fact, practically being mistaken for one!

The Magyar guards held terrific worth in the Komondor pet dog as they can rely on them to guard sheep. They were so safety of the breed that breeding them with various other pet dogs was prohibited so as not to lose their fantastic working potential to defend marauding animals.

Also throughout the very early component of the 20th century the Komondor was still being made use of as a reliable protector pet dog. It was 1933 when the first of the breed made its method to the United States. Simply four years later on it was formally acknowledged by the AKC in 1937.

Today, nevertheless, the breed is not really usual throughout the globe, also in its location of origin in Hungary. The explanation stems from the terrible results that World War II had, virtually wiping the breed out in Europe.

Maintenance Requirements For The Komondor

Like all members of the Working Group, Komondors need daily work out which could be satisfied with a few brisk strolls on the leash or play in the backyard. It's ideal to keep this canine away from swimming in water due to the fact that the layer takes a massive time to dry and comes to be rather messy.

Komondor dogs are not indicated to stay in hot environments, but instead in locations with neat temperature levels. Combing this breed takes a little bit of job. Its wires must be by hand divided as usually as three to 4 times every week to stay out mats. The coat also tends to trap gunk easily. Naturally the coat can be clipped however doing so would lose the breed's unique appearance.

Health And Wellness Concerns

Major wellness problems that operate typical in the breed are CHD and intestinal torsion. Veterinarians suggest that the breed obtain checked for prospective hip issues.
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Komondor Rescue

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