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Italian Greyhound

American Kennel Club's Italian Greyhound

 Italian GreyhoundAlthough the Italian Greyhound of the Toy Group has been in presence for centuries, the precise origin of this gorgeous breed of dog is completely unknown. There is evidence of artwork that go back much more than 2000 years ago that depicts these pet dogs in areas such as the Mediterranean, Greece, and Turkey.

Italian Greyhounds were recognized as "Miniature Greyhounds" and were discovered in wealth throughout areas of southern Europe. Itailian courtiers especially adored this breed.

In the mid 17th century, these canine breeds showed up in England and increased in appeal with the nobility. They became equally popular in England as they had actually were in the Italian homeland.

In the year of 1820 there were only two specific pet breeds that were pointed out in a publication concerning puppies. The Italian Greyhound was just one of them. This breed continued to entice increasingly more popularity, primarily with the affluent, however reached its peak sometime during the management reign of Queen Victoria.

After this period, the numbers of Italian Greyhounds started to decrease quickly. Actually, after completion of World War II, these pet dogs had almost faded away. The explanation for this is unidentified yet it is theorized that the decrease was the result of inadequate breeding high quality over a lot of generations. Also though their numbers had actually decreased on the brink of extinction, plenty of Italian Greyhounds made their method to America at some point throughout the late 1800s and the breed was revived.


The Italian Greyhound is a reasonably small canine that adores to go for rapid rates and chase after anything that will fly it. These canines are remarkably mild and a bit on the delicate side. Italian Greyhounds are reserved, shy, and makes a lovable family members animal, especially around kids.

Taking Care Of Your Italian Greyhound

This is one breed of dog that is best matched to deal with an energetic household. Simply puts, if resting on your couch all day is your concept of spending time with your pet dog, the Italian Greyhound would not be the suitable selection. They require an active way of life with lots of operating outside.

Italian Greyhounds absolutely dislike winter however can stand higher-than-normal temperature levels because of its shorthaired layer. Combing is minimal with only the periodic cleaning really needed in order to get rid of dead hair.

Wellness Information

The ordinary life-span of the Italian Greyhound could last around 17 years of age when healthy, with 13 to 14 years of age being the average. The only major wellness problem that they have is periodontal illness. Minor problems feature PRA, leg cracks (from running),epilepsy, and patellar luxation. Learn More About This Italian Speedster By Clicking Here!

Italian Greyhound Rescue

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