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Dear Cat Owner:

Train a cat to use a human toilet! I have to be honest, I never thought it was possible until my husband and I did this with our own cat “Jonezy Wales the first” twenty eight years ago. It was a challenge, because she was a determined feline, to not do this as much as we were determined she was going to do it. We had a few accidents along the way, that she did in the end use the toilet in record time. Never using kitty litter again, I know it sounds like a dream, but it can really happen. No more kitty litter sticking to your feet in the bathroom, just think about it!

In this link you will find out how to get your cat to really use the toilet and even flush. We did it to do with our cat has had said earlier and we were amazed by how fast she picked up on it. We laughed at her, and our friends and family were aw-struck by the whole thing. The only problem that we found was when we moved, she would not use the new toilet in the new house, so we had to revert back to using good old kitty litter mess. It could’ve been that the new toilet was a different shape all the surroundings were different. Maybe she just pulled a fast one on us; I told you she was hardheaded! To learn more just click the link CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit.

How to Teach Your Pet Cat to Use a Human Toilet

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