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One of the ways of looking after dogs is by housetraining them. Housetraining can be a little bit disheartening at first, particularly for first time puppy-owners. But remember that to housetrain a dog, you'll need consistency, positivity and patience. Good housetraining will help you to teach your dog good habits and behavior while building a stronger bond with your pet.  


Most of the time, people overlook the fact that there’s a physical component to house training. The dog needs to be able to physically learn how to hold his business. The steps to housetraining are being an excellent dog time manager, and using the following tools:  


The first is leash supervision. Keep an eye on your dog, keep an eye on your leash, either hold it or tie it to something stable, and give your pet a treats or toys if he behave properly.  


Two is making sure that your pup learns and understands that his crate is his personal space in the house. And that being inside the crate isn't a punishment.  


Lastly is making sure that he knows he has an area to pee and eliminate. Accompanying him do his business and giving him reward after fortifies the notion that if he do the action again as it is, he'll be rewarded again.  



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