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If your dog loves spending a great deal of time outside or if you want to train him to be an outdoorsy one, he needs defense against the elements. A dog house can provide access to cool shade on a hot day or refuge from the cold, rain or wind. When providing a dog house, make sure the doorway/entrance doesn't face into the wind during the most frigid months of the year. If the opening is big, suspend some flaps or strips over the doorway to maintain heat in and cold out; and give good insulated bedding, like cider wood, to keep the dog up off cold ground. Make sure to clean the place out every month or two to make certain no other beasties have set up house.  


Dogs are companion animals - they thrive in the presence and attention of their humans. Taking that into consideration, you have to make sure to properly introduce your dog to his dog house. A good introduction and impression will spark curiosity to even the most anxious pooch. Make him understand that the dog is his own but don't make him feel that his being banished from the main house.  


Every dog needs a dog house. So, if you're going to build one for your pet (or buy, for that matter), give it your best shot in giving him the best dog house that you can do (afford). 

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