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Why Your Dog Needs a Dog House? 



Having a pet at home has through the years become a tradition. People love having pets and most people keep their pets around the home environment. You can find a number of different studies and pieces of research that have revealed that the most common pet is a dog. . If you're planning to have a pet dog it is vital that he has a dog house and this is a part of the essential care of a pet dog. 


Every animal has fundamental needs and one of these basics is a house. People prefer to keep their dogs within their own residence however it is important to remember that dogs have feeling too, therefore it is critical that the dog has its own house either in the yard or within the owners home.  

Animals enjoy having a place where they can escape from everything, sleep and eat and this is one good reason why a dog house is necessary.  


It's an excellent idea to give your dog a house that's the correct size and this varies with regards to the size of the individual dog. It is very important to ensure that you get a house that is suited to your own dog as all dogs are unique just like humans.  


Ahead of either making or buying a dog house it is vital to measure your dog to find out what size he is. It's likewise important to make sure that the house that you build for your dog provides the proper degree of ventilation and that the air flow is at floor level. Additionally it is essential that the house is constructed so that it's effective in keeping the dog warm during the winter months.  


A dog house, regarded in British English as a kennel, is a small shed commonly constructed in the shape of a little house designed for a dog. It's a structure in which a dog is kept or can run into for shelter from the elements.  


Varieties of Dog Houses 

To several people, the term "dog house" refers back to the classic "Snoopy" -- a house with a peaked roof structure plus a curved entrance centered on one end of the house.  


But when you start searching, you promptly understand that dog houses are available in a variety of shapes and styles and are made out of a number of materials including wood, plastic, aluminum, and steel.  


Dog houses also deviate by their intended use. Some houses are created to sit fixed in your yard. This is exactly what most people consider to be a true dog house. Even so, there are also transportable dog houses. This group includes dog boxes, dog tents, crates, and numerous types of carriers. You may consider these as temporary dog homes.  


To assist you understand things, listed here is an introduction to the most typical types of dog houses available on the market. But first, a brief information in regards to the term 'kennel’.  


Kennel, nowadays, have become an overused term. You'll regularly come across the term 'kennel' when researching dog houses. If you look up its definition, there are two basic definitions, one common and one more precise: the former, any type of a dog shelter; and the latter, a place where canines are bred, trained, and boarded. It appears as if marketers have liberally used the first definition of kennel in order for the word now identifies a broad range of pet containment items like pet carriers, crates, exercise pens and good old fashioned outdoor dog houses.  


So, when you see the term 'kennel' utilized for a number of the items explained here, don't get too stuck on the terminology. Just think dog refuge or dog container.  


Stationary or Fixed Dog House  


Wood Dog House  


Wood has customarily been the material preferred for constructing dog houses and it's still very popular these days. Some factors behind wood's good reputation are that the material is abundant, comparatively cheap, easy to work with, and it simply just looks nice, especially when correctly maintained. The best wooden dog houses are constructed from decay resistant woods like cedar and redwood.  


If wood dog houses are to be grouped according to roof structure, you will find three basic styles: 


Pitched Roof  


This is the traditional Snoopy peaked roof created by two tilted panels joined at the center of the house. The most popular and attractive design that makes a house similar to a miniature version of a human home.  


These aren't likely to turn out to be family heirlooms however they are good enough to supply basic shelter for your dog. For those who are buying, an extra $60 or so, you will get an insulation kit for many of these houses -- a good suggestion if you reside in an area with cold winters and hot summers.  


A-Frame Dog House - If you're handy with tools and wood, this house offers a great base platform from which to build a custom dog house. For instance, you can add an asphalt or steel roof, stick in a window with window shutters, maybe a sun deck at the front, a name tag over the doorway, cedar siding, and so on and so forth. It's basically the platform for so many possibilities.  


Deluxe A-Frame Dog House - This design is a bit spiffier than the basic dog house. It's usually created from 3/8 inch thick exterior grade groove styled plywood completed with a golden stain. The door frame and roof line are coated forest green for a nice contrast. 


Screened vents in both the front and back offer cross ventilation through the house. The doorway features a solid wood frame and plastic masking that will keep your dog safe from undesirable weather conditions.  


Ware Ultimate A-Frame Dog House - Getting a tad fancier, the Ware Ultimate A-Frame house incorporates a waterproof shingle roof, changeable waterproof Feet, a Peak-roof design, and solid wood construction. For sale in multiple sizes and easy to put together in just minutes with just a screwdriver, this house will conveniently fit your dog needs. The A-Frame Package is additionally provided with a zip in and out dog house insulating material kit which guarantees maximum protection and comfort. The quality canvas material is created for simple and easy installation, removal and storage.  


A patio portion can also be available for this dog house. It offers a comfortable elevated resting spot which keeps your pet cool in the summer and off the cold and wet ground in the winter months. 


Single Panel Flat Roof  


An easier design that includes a single flat panel that usually has a gentle tilt going from the front to the back of the house. Many dogs enjoy lounging on top of houses with such a roof.  


Ware Economy Dog House - Crafted from 1/2" thick exterior grade plywood, this box style dog kennel comes with an off-center entrance to protect your pup from the elements. The hinged roof allows quick access for cleaning and mat replacing while doubling as a ready-made sun deck for your dog. The raised floor provides defense against moisture and makes for a warmer abode during the winter time.  


Sizes are available for all breeds of dogs. This dog house has a non-toxic weather defensive red stain and is very easy to assemble with basic hand tools. An identical door is available. 


This model is a bit beefier compared to economy kennel. But you'll still wish to protect the plywood roof with a more water repellant cover and stain the walls a little darker to help make the inevitable mud less apparent.  


Loft Roof  


A number of the fancier houses have a loft or sun deck above the house. In some instances, the loft is created above a standard pitched or slanted roof. Some loft roof dog houses appear to be they would make good play houses for kids.  


Pet Palace - It's a loft bed, it's a playhouse, it's a conversation piece, it's a furniture piece, and this type of dog house is all that plus a dog house. The signature feature of this solid fir house with a dark cedar patina is a beautiful lattice roof top balcony to permit your pooch a resting place in addition to a "look out" loft (to keep an eye on the rest of the family).  


Plastic Dog House  


Plastic dog houses have come on strong in recent times. They're competitively priced, light-weight, and low maintenance. Some are ready to go right out of the box; others need snapping together a few panels. No fuss, that's the value proposal. Many of the most well-liked plastic dog house styles are named the igloo, the barn (gambrel roof), and the traditional dog house with a pitched roof.  


Regardless of what the sales materials may say about the virtues of "structural foam construction with nitrogen insulation", a correctly insulated wooden house will normally keep a dog cooler in the summertime and warmer in the wintertime than a plastic one will. Take this into account if you reside in an area with hot or cold weather extremes.  


Metal Dog House  


You do not see them frequently but there are metal dog houses available on the market. These are generally rectangle shaped, made from stainless steel or aluminum, and intensely insulated. They're relatively indestructible because dogs can't chew apart the metal and they won't rot. They are not for every dog though -- you will mostly see these sold by suppliers specializing in hunting dog supplies.


A distinction is made here between metal dog houses and metal dog boxes. Metal dog houses in many cases are created for stationary use as opposed to a dog box is usually designed for mobile use. One is located in your yard, the other goes into your truck.  


Barrel Dog House  


Just about in a class by itself is the barrel dog house. These may be made from old wooden wine barrels, plastic barrels, or metal barrels. The concept behind this design is that dogs naturally choose to sleep in shallow, curved holes and so a barrel - layered with lots of wood chips - enables you to emulate this habitat.  


Fiberglass Cave Dog House  


Just when you think you've seen it all, this fiberglass cave dog house shows up. This dog house is made of 100% heavy-duty fiberglass that should in no way rot or leak and is built to hold two large dogs comfortably. This look may not attract everyone but it sure results in a distinctive home for your pet. 


Portable and Temporary Dog House  


Dog Tents  


A dog tent is a soft-sided transportable shelter. Made from water-resistant materials, most dog tents are simple to put together and break down in minutes. They are lightweight and simple to transport making them popular for camping, traveling, and other outdoor pursuits. Some dog tents are fairly intricate, sporting features like ventilated side panels, elevated floors, hold open door flaps, and zippered closures. Dog tents aren't for diggers, chewers, aggressive dogs or canines that experience anxiety while contained. 


Soft Dog Crate  


A soft dog crate is essentially a rectangular dog tent. It looks like a regular dog crate with the exception that it is soft-sided with nylon mesh rather than metal or plastic grating. A soft dog crate is also lighter than the usual conventional crate which makes it far more convenient for transporting a dog. Nonetheless, soft crates aren't ideal for diggers, chewers, aggressive dogs or dogs that freak out while crated.  


Inflatable Dog House  


This dog house is created from materials normally used for high end outdoor camping and sporting gear. The known manufacturer of this dog house boasts that it provides ten times the insulating qualities of plastic dog houses, making it a practical temporary shelter for cold weather scenarios. If your dog is a chewer, this isn't really the best dog house for him.


Chapter Two 

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