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Golden Retriever

Care And Training

Golden Retriever Rescue

Golden Retriever Golden Retriever speaks for itself, they are golden and they do retrieve, and retrieve, and retrieve, etc… Whether the object is a thrown; stick, tennis ball or flying disc retrieving can keep this breed happy and occupied, especially if water is involved. Goldens are renowned for their patients with children. These dogs are not a “one man dog” and get along with everybody, without saying this trait does not make them a very good guard dog. They are just an easy-going dog. The breed normally weighs between 55 to 80 pounds and has a life expectancy of 10 to 12 years of age. They require minimal grooming and as long as they have an area to play in, they are happy and content. They also make great apartment dogs but watch your kick-knack stands, because they tend to be very clumsy. These dogs have some common diseases, the first being cancer with a whopping 61.8% of deaths attributed to cancer in 1998 for this breed. They also are prone to hip and elbow dysplasia and eye disease such as cataracts. They are also prone to heart disease and skin allergies, particularly flea allergies.

Golden Retrievers

Everything You Need To Know

Golden Retrievers

In this E-book by author Gina Read you will learn:

How to choose the right Golden pup for you.

Physical attributes to look for and some to avoid!

What papers a breeder should provide.

What food does your Golden pup need?

How to Crate Train your puppy.

Puppy Checklist.


Obedience Training.

What to expect from your Golden puppy as he grows.

Goldens development and growth stages.

And much, much more!

In choosing to add this dog to your family you are getting a great companion and friend. Imagine what it will be like to do things together like run along the beach, catch tennis balls, playing the part and hike in the mountains. To do these things, however, your dog needs training.

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