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Fun With A

Pet Ferret
(Magical Creatures)

Welcome to Father Natures Pet Ferret Rescue

Pet FerretA Pet Ferret is a magical creature. They think they can hide blown-up balloons under the couch and this entertains them for hours on end, and their owners. Believe me, my husband and I had aches and pains from belly laughs for hours watching our ferret, Amoreena (also called ding-a-ling, because of the bell we had to attach to her with a thin piece of elastic so we could find her in the house. Sometimes it came off and the captive would  hid away.) All this game requires is your ferret, A blown-up balloon (larger than the ferret), and an audience. Until the balloon POPS! Then REPEAT again and again and again etc!


WARNING: If you want to rip your heart out, buy a ferret and I only suggest this to a masochist, because even though they smell, poop in corners (before you can get to them), and if you want your whole house to smell like a skunk. Purchase this fun-loving, mischievous; get into every drawer in the house, Pet! WAIT, I forgot the couch, (don't forget to empty the couch once a month for toys and dry food, they horde cat and dog food too.) Do not feed raw hamburger meat or you will awaken the demon, in this awesome little magical creature. Did I mention the bonus, they have canines and bite!

Do You Have A Ferret Addiction? Here Is Everything You Need To Satisfy Your Habit. For More Fun Information About Raising A Ferret, Click Here!

Now that you have visited Ferret Rescue, enjoy learning more about raising ferrets from these E-book pet links. Find Out About Ferrets and Ferrets as Pets.


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