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American Kennel Club's Collie


No one recognizes for certain the correct bloodlines of the Collie of the Herding Group canine breed, or even wherever their name derived from. One particular hypothesis is that the Collie came from the same ancestry as the Border Collie.


A different hypothesis pertaining to the name “Collie” is that it derives from the Celtic word for “useful”, which decidedly depicts how valuable these canines were for farmers and as stock canines. They were regarded to be of great prize to the Celts once they first colonized in the British Isles. 

The chore of protecting and sheep herding by employing canines has been about since the oldest of times. Nevertheless, there are only grounds of the Collie's doing these chores towards the start of the mid 1800s. We know certainly that Collies did so live in that time, both the smooth-coated and rough-coated Collie canines.

The smooth-coated Collies were employed as herders. The rough-coated Collie canines had the chore of defending the flock during all types of weather condition. Eventually, the stock became more and more fashionable and enthusiasts of the Collie began to engender litters that developed to convert to a more graceful and taller size.

During the year of 1860, Queen Victoria got rather affected by the Collie of the Herding Group and further her very premier Collie canine to her collection. Inducing the Queen fondness these canines produced quite a commotion and numerous upper crust households followed her lead and likewise took possession of the Collie. By the later 1800s, there was a confirmed standardization composed and this description still bears true nowadays.

In this same period of time, sheep herding became numerous and more critical in United States of America and raw colonists came to the western hemisphere with their own Collie canines. America's affluent families likewise returned with Collies from their journeys throughout European Community.

Nowadays, about everyone is acquainted with the renowned TV show entitled “Lassie”. Lassie became the most celebrated Collie canine, ever. Needless to state, this television series contributed to the breed’s huge rise in fame which has caused the Collie to be one of the most favored of canine breeds in the U.S.A.

Collie's Personality

The Collie of the Herding Group has a genuinely industrious heritage. They require being stimulated mentally and physically on a day-to-day foundation. Without an energetic life-style these canines may become bedeviled. Collie canines are kind and mild natured with almost all living animal they chances upon. But don't let this canine's excessively agreeable position fool you once it pertains to being a watchdog. As a matter of fact, the Collie is top ranked as a superior watchdog.

Attending To Your Collie

As cited previously, the Collie of the Herding Group will require day-to-day stimulation and best yet; the chance to herd if practical. Naturally this natural process is merely idealistic whenever you live on a farm or big region of land with beasts. Collie canines may dwell out of doors when the weather is cold, but they're most euphoric with their family unit, and it is a great deal better to have your Collie remain indoors at nighttime. Grooming demands a good brushing once or twice a week, and with the rough-coated Collie a little more frequently.

Wellness Worries

The median lifetime of the Collie of the Herding Group canine is approximately 10 years of age, with sound Collies living up to 12 to 13 years of age, at times. There are no major wellness worries to be occupied about and minor worries that might arise include demodicosis, CEA, dermatomyositis, PRA, and gastric torsion. Seizures, microphthalmia, and CHD are occasionally discovered, but really uncommon. Learn More About This Both Elegant And Graceful Sheepdog!

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