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Chapter 10

Resources For You

When it comes to owning a pet bird, knowing all that there is to know may not seem like enough.

This does not mean that you are not as well-informed as you should be, or that you have not learned important facts and advice in this book. All it does mean is as the happy owner of a new pet bird, your interest in these fascinating little animals has increased. You want to know more in order to be fully tuned in to your new friend.

You can have resources for gaining more knowledge, or resources to connect you with other bird lovers, or both. If you can spare even an hour or two on an occasional basis, you can increase your knowledge of birds and enjoy the company of others who have the same interest as you.

One ideal resource for the new bird owner is a bird club. While some of these bird clubs are very casual and others are more formal, a bird club will give you an excellent opportunity to interact with other bird owners.

Everyone has their favorite subject: their pet birds!

Clubs specially-formed for owners of pet birds can be found in regions throughout the United States. A quick check in your telephone directory or an online directory will help you to find the bird club that is closest to your home. It is likely that you will find one in your area; but if none are currently available where you live, you can start up a bird club of your own and advertise for new members. It is a great way to meet new people who all share the same interest.

You can also find classes related to caring for pet birds at many community colleges and adult classes at local high schools. If your focus is mainly on learning even more about pet birds, taking a class is a wonderful way to start. As most community colleges and adult classes are always open to new ideas for new courses, you can feel free to recommend classes for bird owners if the school does not currently offer them.

The best resource for learning about pet birds is the library. Depending upon the size of the town or city where you live, you may be pleasantly surprised to find that your local library has a wellstocked section of books and magazines all devoted to the subject of domestic birds.

You can also request permission to view bird-oriented books in your local school’s or college’s library. While some schools and colleges have policies regarding non-students checking out books and periodicals, you can devote free time to reading in the library if the one near you has this policy.

The internet is another excellent resource for learning more about birds. If you put a couple of hours into web searching, you will find everything from trivia to bird care, histories of birds, facts about breeding pet birds, to ideas for bird names, and many, many more topics of interest to the bird owner.

While you are on the internet, you can also find online groups of bird lovers and bird owners. As more and more people are deciding that birds are the ideal pet for their busy lifestyles, bird ownership is becoming more popular than ever. There are two main benefits to taking part in one or more online bird owners’ groups. First, you can gain much more practical knowledge about pet birds when you are interacting with other bird owners. In addition, it is a wonderful way to meet new friends from amongst groups who share the same interest as you.

Resources for bird owners would not be complete without including two of the most important people in your bird’s life. From the basic everyday care of birds to the unique personality and history of your own pet, the dealer from whom you purchased your bird will have all of the answers. He or she is very likely to appreciate your interest, as well as enjoying every minute of time put into talking about his or her special little friends.

Your veterinarian is another essential resource for learning more about your pet bird. From important information that you need to ensure your pet’s health to advice about how to interact with your bird the most effectively, your veterinarian is an expert. He will be glad to impart all of his expertise to you, so that you can get the most out of your lifetime with your new bird.

Now that you know everything you should know about choosing, caring for, and enjoying your brand-new bird, it’s time for you to select the one special bird who will be your friend and companion. The love you give to him will be demonstrated back to you in many ways!

Chapter 11

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