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Cane Corso

American Kennel Club's Cane Corso

 Cane CorsoThe Cane Corso is a Working Group Italian breed of dog, valued highly for its companionship, as a guardian and as a hunter. This breed is a large Italian molosser or mastiff and its appearance, with its well muscled body, looks more athletic than most other mastiffs. A full grown male weighs from 88 to 110 pounds and has a life expectancy of around 13 to 15 years of age. This breed should have tight fitting skin; however some dewlap on the neck is normal. The primary feature of this breed is its large head. The muzzle should be wide as it is long. The size of its head means it has superior biting power. Where it is legal, breeders will crop the ears to make them form a perfect triangle and where legal, most of this breed has a docked tails. Their coats come in two basic colors which are black and fawn and brindling of various densities create blue from black and formentino from fawn colors. White markings on the chest, toes and on the chin and nose are acceptable but the smaller the better. This breed has an even and stable temperament and tends to be very quiet. They are easy to train and great around children and their guardian. This breed of the Working Group needs exercise, a strong owner, boundaries and training. Like all purebreds they have some health problems which are, as in all mastiffs, hip dysphasia and eye problems. With all animals, do your research before you buy! Learn More About This Italian Mastiff By Clicking Here!

Cane Corso Rescue

Cane Corso Training Guide Cane Corso Training Book Includes: Cane Corso Socializing, Housetraining, Obedience Training, Behavioral Training, Cues & Commands and More

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