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Boxer Dogs

Tips and Secrets

Blue Grass Boxer Dogs Rescue

Boxer DogsBoxer dogs are an active breed and require lots of exercise to prevent boredom associated with behavioral problems such as chewing or digging. This breed has earned a reputation of being “headstrong”, which can be related to inappropriate obedience training. Boxers are called the veterinarian’s dream because they have so many skin problems and are hypersensitive to a lot of drugs used by veterinarians. They are also prone to cancer, cardiac problems and hip dysplasia. It is said that cancer cannot for about 38 ½% of Boxers deaths. Gastroenteritis is another problem that is common to this breed. As stated before, the breed is very athletic and makes an excellent running partner once they get past the puppy stage.

In this book,  “All About The Boxer” you will learn:

What to look for when choosing a puppy.
The stages of development in a puppy.
How to successfully integrate your newest family member with your pack.
Nutrition and food for your Boxer should deftly not eat!
Boxer training.
Boxer grooming.
Simple methods for successfully crate training and house training.
A guide to Boxer health and heredity diseases.
Caring for your Boxer in his old age.
And a whole lot more!

Learn more by clicking on the link below:
All About The Boxer

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