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Bearded Collie

American Kennel Club's Bearded Collie

Bearded Collie

While the accurate beginning of the Bearded Collie of the Herding Group isn't best-known for certain, it's gauged that this canine likely sprang up from among two strains: the Magyar Komondor or the Lowland Polish Sheepdog. We do recognize for sure, by particular registers, that two Lowland Polish Sheepdogs established their path to Scotland while Polish dealers brought the canines there sometime in the year 1514.


Although it's truthful that a lot of canines were depicted in art that resembled the Bearded Collie of the Herding Group in house paintings, going back to the 18th century, firm evidence of the breed verbal description didn't turn up until sometime in the earlier 19th century, at the time it was formally publicized.

Bearded Collie canines were strong working canines that herded sheep and forced cattle through harsh terrain. They were sturdy and apparently unvarying on these great journeys. Its occupation as a reliable herder endured for rather some time in Scotland until in time, subsequently the Queen Victoria era, Bearded Collie canines shortly earned favor as a "show dog".

After the First World War was finished, the Bearded Collie was prized once more for it's tough work as a herding canine. They were simply as necessary for herding after the warfare as they were back in the 18th century. Finally, stock breeders who had involvement in displaying the Bearded Collie brought a few of the canines to England and USA and the breed was formally acknowledged by the AKC in 1977.

Bearded Collie's Personality

Bearded Collie canines are regarded to be excessively spirited, puckish, and have high-octane levels. An autonomous thinker and frequently the center of attention, these canines have a keen sense of humor and its richly intellectual determines ease with obedience schooling. The Bearded Collie enjoys youngsters but merely might be a bit too unruly for littler kids. As a matter of fact, they may even attempt to herd them while playing.

Maintenance Of Your Bearded Collie

As previously referred, the Bearded Collie of the Herding Group have ample energy and must get a beneficial jog or numerous great walks on day-to-day basis. This canine is capable of living out of doors when the weather is cold and will endure heat to a certain extent, but ought to be permitted to sleep indoors with its family unit. Grooming demands consist of a complete brushing around every other day.

Wellness Worries

The median lifetime for a sound Bearded Collie of the Herding Group may live between 13 and 15 years of age. There are no major wellness worries to be concerned about but sometimes found are a some small-scale worries which include Addison's, CHD, colonic disease, epilepsy, and pemphigus. Learn More About This Shaggy Dog!

Bearded Collie Rescue

Bearded Collies

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